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I have been self-employed since moving to Wales in 1988 (as MSS Studios, a company started by my Father who has now retired), first as a music engraver and then specialising in mail-order. I have been ‘online’ since around 1994, creating my first business website in 1996 selling keyboard and organ cassettes and videos at organ.co.uk (now updated to CDs and DVDs). I have also written CD & DVD reviews for a top UK keyboard magazine for the past ten years.

During this time I have produced magazines and catalogues for the mail-order business plus I have also engraved music books for top UK publishers with folios for Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Eddi Reader and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I also engraved and published a series of music books for our own publishing company and a series of CDs for our own record label. The work on the CDs included everything from ‘baking’ the original reel to reel tapes in a dehumidifyer, transferring the audio to computer, mastering the CDs, applying for MCPS rights, producing the artwork and sending them for pressing. I then sold them online and posted them off to customers. A one-stop shop!

I also produced ‘The Snowdonia Photo & Music DVD’ in 2004/2007 containing my own compositions and photographs of Snowdonia. This DVD is now on a separate website at dvd.wales.

I have now decided to start producing websites as a business. I think my thirty years experience in various design areas helps in the graphic side of website creation.


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