Prices for Website Design & Advertising


FOUR Page Site.
Search Engine Optimisation.
Design, Layout, Background Image etc.

Additional Pages are £20.00 Each Thereafter.

You can add pages at any stage if you want to expand your site later.

The £25.00 Yearly Fee Covers Maintenance and Minor Additions / Changes.

(This is Only Payable After The First Year)

An example of a site created for a B&B in Porthmadog in 2018.
This was based on the above prices.

As a guide, the cost to produce a four page site (similar to the example above) would be a one-off fee of £160.00 + VAT. Additional pages would cost £20.00 each thereafter. To maintain the site and make changes and updates, would be a further £25.00 per year (after the first year). The price does not include the domain name (if you want me to set this up).

Please note that the look of the website can depend heavily on quality photographs, so please make sure you have good images. I use JPGs at 72dpi with a width of 1280-2000 pixels which is high enough quality but still keeps the loading time down, which is important, especially on mobile devices. Small images on the page are usually around 600 pixels wide.

Please also note that your site will do better in search results if it has a good amount of text. I can do the site in English & Welsh as long as you email me text for both languages. I can add a content 'switcher' to show both languages on the same page at no extra cost (see example below), or I can add the Welsh version on separate pages, or split the site in two (extra language pages will be charged at £20.00 each).

The price includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which should help to boost your search engine ratings.

If you want a new site, but don't want any down time on your old one, then you can buy an additional domain name (many ‘.wales’ and ‘.cymru’ ones are available and becoming popular, so this may be a good time to secure your 'business-name'.wales one). You can then just point your old site to the new one at a later date, or move everything to the old site (or keep it as a backup site).

All the domains listed on this website (apart from are owed by myself at MSS Studios.

The prices include use of any of my photographs should you wish.

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